Sports Dentistry for the Female Athlete

Sports Dentistry

Introduction: A woman has many cycles in her life right from childhood, puberty, pregnancy andmenopause and not to mention the social and cultural changes following marriage, lookingafter kids and family, trying to keep a work-life balance! In addition, if you are an athlete,there are many other factors that come into play that can lead to […]

How to Become a Sports Coach?

How to become a Sports Coach

Whoever loves sports understands the importance of a sports coach. A sports coach is a professional who helps in the development of the abilities of his trainee in the chosen field of sports. Sports coaching as a career is growing at a rapid pace due to the importance given to sports activities nowadays. Players today […]

What is Sports Science? & Why you should do it.

sports sciences

Sports Science (also known as Exercise Science in some places) is a new and upcoming academic subject that focuses on the scientific study of physiology, motor control/learning, psychology, and biomechanics in sports. The subject basically applies the study of science to various sporting activities. Let’s find out more about what this subject is about and […]

Top 5 Distance Sports Courses after 12th

Top 5 Distance Sports Courses after 12th

Looking at the growing interest in sports-related fields in recent years, the Sports Authority of India has been redesigning the curriculum for many colleges around the country to promote more sports-related courses that are based on distance learning. This has suddenly broadened the horizon for distance sports courses for students to consider after completing their […]

Top 5 Career Options in BBA Sports Management 2021

Top 5 Career Options in BBA Sports Management

When you watch a particular sport on TV, you only see the athletes. While athletes are the face of that sport, many others work behind the scenes in the many sports organizations worldwide. Behind every sport is a group of skilled professionals that bring the game to life. Everything from club teams to sports franchises […]

Top Distance Learning Courses in Sport 2021

Top Distance Learning Courses in Sports 2021

Many universities and colleges have set up distance learning courses that allow students from all over the world to get their higher education in a field of their choosing. With the rapid progress in sports in India, more and more students are opting for distance learning in sports. Sports distance education typically focuses on the […]

An Overview of Mental Training of Indian Olympians


India has sent its largest ever contingent to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics in the hopes of bringing back more medals as compared to the previous Olympics. There have been 120 athletes who have adorned the colours of India and are competing in 18 sports with the aim of winning a medal for the country. The […]

How Sports Dentistry and Sports Nutrition are Interlinked

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Introduction The number of athletes getting involved in sport is increasing. However, despite the pursuit of optimal physical and mental health, oral health is often undervalued. In comparison to their sedentary counterparts, people who regularly exercise are predisposed to a number of potential oral health risk factors. These are linked to training methods, the nutritional […]

How Athletes Adapted their Training to Prepare for the Postponed Tokyo Olympics


All athletes dream of representing their country at the Olympics. All athletes dream of winning a gold medal for their country at the Olympics. How does an athlete prepare for an event that takes place once every four years and for many athletes is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? The run up towards the Olympics hasn’t been […]

Athletic Identity – Who am I?

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All human beings associate with multiple identities or roles. One person can be a runner, tennis player, mother, wife, colleague, etc. Each identity or role has a different weight, meaning and expectation associated with it. When one identity is particularly important to a person, they derive their self-worth based on the success achieved in that […]