How Athletes Adapted their Training to Prepare for the Postponed Tokyo Olympics


All athletes dream of representing their country at the Olympics. All athletes dream of winning a gold medal for their country at the Olympics. How does an athlete prepare for an event that takes place once every four years and for many athletes is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? The run up towards the Olympics hasn’t been […]

Athletic Identity – Who am I?

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All human beings associate with multiple identities or roles. One person can be a runner, tennis player, mother, wife, colleague, etc. Each identity or role has a different weight, meaning and expectation associated with it. When one identity is particularly important to a person, they derive their self-worth based on the success achieved in that […]

How Indian Cricket Can Embrace the Mental Wellness Revolution

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Imagine a pressure cooker. The fire – red, hot and flaming underneath it, ensures that the broth boils to a boiling point, the pressure stifling and engulfing transcends into steam, and the whistle finally roars, crying out in defiance, cooking the broth. Dinner is then served through a baptism of fire. Now multiply that pressure […]

Channelising Your Goals Through a Vision Board

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A picture is worth a thousand words. A vision board is a creative visualisation process of creating a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals. When you carefully select pictures, words, and phrases that resonate with your goal, it acts as a small visualisation exercise throughout the day. A vision board will help […]

Could the Entire Length of the IPL Have Been Played in India Itself?

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As the country clings on to its dear life, trying its best to survive in these rough times without collapsing, the scheduling, orchestration, and the eventual postponement of the IPL managed to raise several eyebrows. Sports manages to bring out qualities such as compassion, teamwork, respect, admiration, and an icy cold rush of adrenaline-laced with […]

How Sports Dentistry Can Help in Conquering Tobacco Use in Athletes


Today is World No-Tobacco Day. Introduction Today, in the 21st century, people are becoming more and more aware of the harmful effects of tobacco. In spite of that, it is a sad fact that tobacco causes 8 million deaths every year. Also, in the current scenario of Covid-19 pandemic, it is now known that smokers […]

Overcoming Pandemic Training Blues with Mental Imagery


India’s sporting landscape lost most of its vibrancy a little over a year back due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. With the closure of multiple training facilities and reduced access to training equipment, the pandemic has challenged athletes with unexpected and a high degree of adversity including disruption of routines, suspension of National camps across […]

Bio-Bubble and Mental Health of Cricketers

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Mental Health in Sports Elite athletes are always viewed as shining examples of strength but they aren’t immune to mental health issues. However, 35% of elite athletes deal with mental health crisis such as stress, eating disorders, burnout, depression and anxiety. Being an elite athlete comes with its own set of challenges, they have a […]