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Sporty Toddlers
A Fun Sports-Play School

Sporty Toddlers is a new play school venture by ISST with focus on sports along with regular study curriculum. At ‘Sporty Toddlers’, through our specially designed curriculum we intend to develop your child through a unique combination of fun learning & various sports, physical activities. With one of its kind sports infrastructure in Pune, our expert team of teachers & coaches and our sports counseling program the children will get the best possible education with focus on sports.

Sports Activities & Fun Games on our 3000 sq.ft artificial grass football ground at Vmax Sports & Fitness. Cricket | Football | Basketball | Athletics | Gymnastics & Many more fun games. Our  specially designed games for kids help develop motor skills required for hands, eyes & legs coordination.

Art & Craft:
Fun through various art & craft activities. Developing kids with color identification and making them enjoy the art of coloring. Our teachers have designed various art & craft activities to bring out the artist in your child.

Language Development:
With Sports & Arts, our curriculum also focuses on language development with activities like Story Telling, Nursery Rhymes & Language Games. Memory & Logic Development are also key skills we work on through exciting games & activities.

Music & Dance:
Introduction to the concept of music and development through various activities like Nursery Rhymes, Dance workshops and educational music videos. Development of logic and memory through
musical toys and games.

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