9 Best Sports Education Programmes after Graduation

Sports Education after Graduation

Sports can play an essential role in your life even after leaving school or college. With so many lucrative career options now available for people who have studied sports education. Be it a full-time job or a part-time/recreational option, there are many ways in which you can take up sports in your life. Sports education […]

How to Become a Sports Coach?

How to become a Sports Coach

Whoever loves sports understands the importance of a sports coach. A sports coach is a professional who helps in the development of the abilities of his trainee in the chosen field of sports. Sports coaching as a career is growing at a rapid pace due to the importance given to sports activities nowadays. Players today […]

What is Sports Science? & Why you should do it.

sports sciences

Sports Science (also known as Exercise Science in some places) is a new and upcoming academic subject that focuses on the scientific study of physiology, motor control/learning, psychology, and biomechanics in sports. The subject basically applies the study of science to various sporting activities. Let’s find out more about what this subject is about and […]

Top 5 Distance Sports Courses after 12th

Top 5 Distance Sports Courses after 12th

Looking at the growing interest in sports-related fields in recent years, the Sports Authority of India has been redesigning the curriculum for many colleges around the country to promote more sports-related courses that are based on distance learning. This has suddenly broadened the horizon for distance sports courses for students to consider after completing their […]

Top 5 Career Options in BBA Sports Management 2021

Top 5 Career Options in BBA Sports Management

When you watch a particular sport on TV, you only see the athletes. While athletes are the face of that sport, many others work behind the scenes in the many sports organizations worldwide. Behind every sport is a group of skilled professionals that bring the game to life. Everything from club teams to sports franchises […]

Top Distance Learning Courses in Sport 2021

Top Distance Learning Courses in Sports 2021

Many universities and colleges have set up distance learning courses that allow students from all over the world to get their higher education in a field of their choosing. With the rapid progress in sports in India, more and more students are opting for distance learning in sports. Sports distance education typically focuses on the […]

Top 7 Diploma & Certificate Courses in Sports Management in India

top 7 diploma and certificate courses in sports management

Many students want to take their passion for sports and strategic thinking and build a successful career out of it. A career in sports management does not require you to be athletically gifted, and with the emergence of the sports industry in India, there is a huge scope of lucrative jobs in the field of […]

BBA In Sports Management – Eligibility, Benefits & Meaning

bba in sports management

Bachelor of Business Management (BBA) in sports management is a popular three-year bachelor’s degree that is available for those who are interested in pursuing a career in sports-related activities. People who have cleared their 12th-grade examination are eligible to opt for BBA sports management as a bachelor program. What is BBA Sports Management? The BBA […]