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Kettlebell Gym
Strength Training & Functional Studio

Our ISST campus boasts of a 2500 sq.ft gym and functional studio. The gym has a specially designed one of its kind functional training station. Amenities and equipment include weight trainng area, functional area, hammers, tyres, hurdles, TRX ropes, kettlebells etc. and specially designed custom made functional training equipment. This gym caters to members of various age groups and ISST students too can avail the membership of the gym facility. Functional training if done with weight training with proper workouts, give exceptional results. Many athletes from our sports academies train here for strength, agility and stamina training. The gym has well trained and experienced trainers.

Benefits of Functional Training:
Serious Cardio Training.
Develops functional strength without monotony of isolated reps.
Gain flexibility without long poses.
Workouts are fun, varied and never become monotonous.
Combined workouts for strength and cardio training.
Best results for fat loss.
Body toning achieved in less time.
Workouts are easy, safe and enjoyable for all age groups.   

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