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Bachelor of Business Administration BBA (Sports Management)

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Course Duration : 3 Years degree program

Eligibility: 12th Pass

Course Overview

The sports industry is growing exponentially in this modern era. With the use of science-backed technology and management, sport played today has gone to a new level. Sports is not just about on-field performance but also about managerial practices off the field.

With the growing importance of business principles in improving the performance of sports organizations, it is important for sports managers to study the science behind sports management.

Course Aim

The Bachelors of Business Administration in Sports Management course aims to provide individuals with a consolidated knowledge of the various managerial and administrative aspects involved in the field of sports.

The knowledge of operations, finance, marketing, business strategy, to name a few, to understand the performance of sports organizations is of utmost importance. This course also aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the sports industry.

Bachelor of Business Administration BBA (Sports Management)

Course Duration: 3 Years degree program
Eligibility : 12th Pass

Course Structure

Semester – 1

Subject CodeName of SubjectCore/ ComplimentaryCredits AllottedMid Exam MarksTerm End Exam Marks
S1.1Principles of ManagementCore44060
S1.2Principles of Financial AccountingCore44060
S1.3Introduction  to Business ManagementCore44060
S1.4Practice of Sports ManagementComplimentary24060
S1.5Sports Ethics & GovernanceComplimentary24060
S1.6Introduction to Business EnglishComplimentary24060
S1.7MS OfficeComplimentary240 


 Total Credits20  
 Total Marks 280420

Semester – 2

Subject CodeName of SubjectCore/ ComplimentaryCredits AllottedMid Exam MarksTerm End Exam Marks
S2.1Marketing ManagementCore44060
S2.2Financial Management & AccountingCore44060
S2.3Environmental StudiesCore44060
S2.4Principles of Leadership in SportsComplimentary24060
S2.5Business EconomicsComplimentary24060
S2.6Sports Business CommunicationComplimentary24060
S2.7Fundamentals of Spoken EnglishComplimentary240 


 Total Credits20  
 Total Marks 280420

Semester – 3

Subject CodeName of SubjectCore/ ComplimentaryCredits AllottedMid Exam MarksTerm End Exam Marks
S3.1Strategic Management in SportsCore44060
S3.2Organisational BehaviourCore44060
S3.3Sports Event ManagementCore44060
S3.4Business StatisticsComplimentary24060
S3.5Risk & Disaster ManagementComplimentary24060
S3.6Funding & Sponsorship in SportsComplimentary24060
S3.7Presentation SkillsComplimentary240 


 Total Credits20  
 Total Marks 280420

Semester – 4

Subject CodeName of SubjectCore/ ComplimentaryCredits AllottedMid Exam MarksTerm End Exam Marks
S4.1Human Resource ManagementCore44060
S4.2Sports Facilities Planning & ManagementCore44060
S4.3Social Media & Digital MarketingCore44060
S4.4Athlete & Brand ManagementComplimentary24060
S4.5Sports Administration & OperationsComplimentary24060
S4.6Leadership skills and Team BuildingComplimentary24060
S4.7Advanced Excel for Data Analysis and PresentationComplimentary240 


 Total Credits20  
 Total Marks 280420

Semester – 5

Subject CodeName of SubjectCore/ ComplimentaryCredits AllottedMid Exam MarksTerm End Exam Marks
S5.1Physical Education & SportsCore44060
S5.2Sports Coaching & TrainingCore44060
S5.3Sports NutritionCore44060
S5.4Sports PsychologyComplimentary24060
S5.5Sports TechnologyComplimentary24060
S5.6Management of Sports Teams & LeaguesComplimentary24060
S5.7Basics of Image Management and GroomingComplimentary240 


 Total Credits20  
 Total Marks 280420

Semester – 6

Subject CodeName of SubjectCore/ ComplimentaryCredits AllottedMid Exam MarksTerm End Exam Marks
S6.1Sports Journalism, Media & BroadcastingCore44060
S6.2Business Research MethodologyCore44060
S6.3Entrepreneurship & InnovationCore44060
S6.4Sports Law & ArbitrationComplimentary24060
S6.5Production and Total Quality ManagementComplimentary24060
S6.6Logistics & Supply chain ManagementComplimentary24060
S6.7Project ManagementComplimentary240 


 Total Credits20  
 Total Marks 280420

Evaluation Scheme

The evaluation will be done in two parts viz. Internal Assessment with 40% weightage by way of continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) and 60% with semester-end examination.

A) Internal Evaluation – 40 Marks


a.   One Class Test10 Marks
b.   PPT presentation Test/Lab Test10 Marks
c.    Home Assignment10 Marks
d.   Attendance5 Marks
e.   Participation in all activities or CSR or Institutional activities OR Academic activity5 Marks

B) End Semester Examination – 60 Marks

It is the theory examination based on all the units of the subject. It is the written examination evaluation with 50 marks descriptive types and 10 marks for objective type questions. There will be 7 questions of 10 marks in descriptive type of which students are to attend any 5 based on internal options. Any 10 questions with multiple choices are 1 mark each.


No student can appear more than a specified number of subjects i.e. 7 in each semester and in addition to this number of subjects with 10 credits. Backlog or failure in any course is completed only when the subject will be offered in odd or even semesters as per the syllabus and not on an external evaluation only on Adhoc basis.

The core subjects under the faculty of management are the subjects offering business and managerial concepts and ideas which will make them more employable. The concept of complimentary arises on the basis of support to the core areas and subjects of management.

Being the budding managers, they should be conversant with the computers, tally package, good ability etc. The electives with the complimentary will build the support system for the managers.

While designing the pattern, attendance has been given due credits to enhance learning ability by physical presence and making them work on the floor. The core subjects will be given more hours in the time table as compared to complementary subjects.

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